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Leavin’ for Mars!

Leavin’ for Mars!.

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Leavin’ for Mars!

I gazed at the starlit sky
Wet with tears but my eyes were dry

I searched for an escape away from here
But that magic carpet was gone ere

Or so I felt in my solitude
My heart’s atrophy knew no magnitude

When I heard of a place far from Earth
I felt joy once again like at birth

I got up from bed and packed my bags
I ignored my little dog’s tail wags

Herein you’ll find your chocolate bars
Tell no-one, we’re off to Mars!

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Eva’s Lullaby…

May the moon and the stars gently rock you to sleep
And your loving heart the angels keep
Till tomorrow’s morning light
I pray your dreams are very bright

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Welcome to Reality!

Are you looking for a way to approach that cute class beauty or maybe your lover complains everytime about your cold or lukewarm love life? Do you really wanna salvage your relationship or you wanna be the guy all the sleek chicks wanna hang out with? Yo! You’re in the right place at the right time… Just hang on and I promise you won’t regret doing so…

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Design Your Own Life

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone’s else plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”
– Jim Rohn

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Take Some Time Off!

The sun rises and sets. The moon glows and lights up the darkest nights. The birds chirp and sing lovingly with utmost dexterity. Days come and go. Friends come and leave. Children are born, and some people die… Through the good and bad times, life still goes on…

The sad thing about the human life nowadays is that even with all the so-called faster, time-saving, stylish and sleek “stuffs” we have to our use and all that, we still end up with everything in deficit. Less time to spend with family and friends (leading to broken relationships, high rates of divorce, uncultured children, etc.), cash deficit, high rates of sickness, low life expectancy, unhealthy habits and so on are the commonest symptoms of our “Hey, can you call back? I need to finish up that proposal, that presentation, report and all that” attitude to life. We think if we spend more time behind our office desks, in the libraries or travelling around the world to establish “connections”, we’ll be able to sustain ourselves and our families. But we are wrong! Very wrong!

The Bible says

“Again, I considered all travail, and every right work, that for this a man is envied of his neighbour. This is also vanity and vexation of spirit.” (Eccl 4:4, KJV)

All our labours and efforts without God will avail to nothing. God is the only One that makes the plants flower even though it is the farmer that plants.

We need to relax, cool off and enjoy ourselves. It is not by power, strength, might, skills, certification or qualification that we can make it in life. We need to set our priorities right, take time off to spend with our family and friends and people that matter to us. We also need to just dedicate some time to listen to them, know their wants, joke with them and play. We also should try and enjoy all the beautiful things – the plants, the insects, the birds, the atmosphere and appreciate God for all those beautiful things He has made for our pleasure. Switch off that phone, shut down that laptop, take a day off from your place of work (they can manage without you!), go off on a vacation to a resort, a beach, for once, stay with those kids and listen to them sing, pay a courtesy visit to an orphanage. Get off that fast track, cool down a little bit, relax your mind and break off that workaholism… It will make you last longer.

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Just In Time

There were times when I was sad
I knew I should smile but it’s pretty hard
So I went everywhere with my head down
I was so depressed and I did frown

There were times when I broke to tears
I had joy but it was mixed with fear
Deep inside I knew I needed help
But I couldn’t find it in my entire yelp

There were times when I tried and cried
The hope I nurtured for so long died
So I resorted to forlorn hope
Like a drug addict to his dope

But a FRIEND came along the way
Gave me joy more than I could say
HE renewed my faith and gave me life
Just in time before I gave up my strife

Just in time before I lost my faith
To live the empty life of a wraith
HE came around and rescued my soul
JESUS washed me and made me whole.

– Oyedeji Ojo Abel

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‘WHO’ not ‘WHAT’

“We are WHO we make ourselves to be, not WHAT people think we are.”

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When You Said “No”

When you said “no”,
My warm night turned cold
I longed for someone to hold
Though I tried to be bold
I knew I had lost you, my Gold

When you said “no”,
I was left all alone
There was pain in my bone
For you only I honed
But there was grief in your tone

When you said “no”,
My joy turned to tears
My heart was engulfed by fears
I thought of the wasted years
And you said to me, “Who cares?”

How I wished it wasn’t like this
How I longed for your kiss
Times I wished for your bliss
But those are gone with the seas
Since you said “No”…

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3 Key Attributes of REAL Men

#1. Real Men Respect:
Real men respect people, especially women, whether considered attractive or not. A real man would never lay his hands on a woman, because no real woman would first hit a man anyway. Real men are not bullies. They are sensible, not only after physical appearance, sex and senseless fun. They are honourable and worthy of emulation too.

#2. Real Men Protect:
Real men are known to protect others when they are in distress. They are physically strong and use their God-given strength to help others who are weak, or are cheated. They stand up for others and are sacrificial in their daily living.

#3. Real Men Take Responsibility:
Real men do not undertake bad endeavours, and have foresight. When they make mistakes, they are not afraid to apologize and are always ready to forgive their offenders. Above all, real men are mentors and role models for the younger ones to emulate and look up to. They are loving, enduring and courteous. They listen to others patiently and advise them in love. They employ their strength and flair in good things and stay in shape. They do not despise, and are up-to-the-task whenever they are given duties to perform.
Above all, real men are Godly. They pray for others, love others, sacrificial towards others and are empathetic in the same manner.

I’m a real man, are you?

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