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‘WHO’ not ‘WHAT’

“We are WHO we make ourselves to be, not WHAT people think we are.”

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When You Said “No”

When you said “no”,
My warm night turned cold
I longed for someone to hold
Though I tried to be bold
I knew I had lost you, my Gold

When you said “no”,
I was left all alone
There was pain in my bone
For you only I honed
But there was grief in your tone

When you said “no”,
My joy turned to tears
My heart was engulfed by fears
I thought of the wasted years
And you said to me, “Who cares?”

How I wished it wasn’t like this
How I longed for your kiss
Times I wished for your bliss
But those are gone with the seas
Since you said “No”…

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3 Key Attributes of REAL Men

#1. Real Men Respect:
Real men respect people, especially women, whether considered attractive or not. A real man would never lay his hands on a woman, because no real woman would first hit a man anyway. Real men are not bullies. They are sensible, not only after physical appearance, sex and senseless fun. They are honourable and worthy of emulation too.

#2. Real Men Protect:
Real men are known to protect others when they are in distress. They are physically strong and use their God-given strength to help others who are weak, or are cheated. They stand up for others and are sacrificial in their daily living.

#3. Real Men Take Responsibility:
Real men do not undertake bad endeavours, and have foresight. When they make mistakes, they are not afraid to apologize and are always ready to forgive their offenders. Above all, real men are mentors and role models for the younger ones to emulate and look up to. They are loving, enduring and courteous. They listen to others patiently and advise them in love. They employ their strength and flair in good things and stay in shape. They do not despise, and are up-to-the-task whenever they are given duties to perform.
Above all, real men are Godly. They pray for others, love others, sacrificial towards others and are empathetic in the same manner.

I’m a real man, are you?

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Live in the Moment!

“Living in the moment brings you a sense of reverence for all of life’s blessings.”
– Oprah Winfrey

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Honey Love(For “Oyinbodunrin”)

Honey Love(For “Oyinbodunrin”).

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Just a thought away…

‘Whatever it is that you want, truly lies only a thought away’
– Mike Dooley

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Honey Love (For “Oyinbodunrin”)

Beautiful, lovely and charming,
Her smile makes the world turn
Oh! She’s such a darling
How bright her passion burns!

Gracious, comely and adorable
Her joy is indescribable and pure
She is humble, loving and honourable
Of that I’m totally sure

She gives me all her love
From dusk till the morning light
Something good sent from Above
Is her aura when she’s in sight

She’s fair, pretty and funny
She’s absolutely every man’s dream
And her name means ‘honey’
But she’s more than what it seems

Who can be like my queen?
Oh! Who can take her place?
She’s the best I’ve ever seen
And indelible is her sweet trace!

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Don’t mock!

“Never mock a fallen man until you have survived the blow that made him fall.” – Old Adage

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“Failure is the opportunity to begin again… more intelligently.” – Henry Ford

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Before We Part…

Here we are at the narrow paths
Sadly, they lead to different destinations
The tears in my heart are too vague to be seen
By the powers of your white comely eyes
Your lush dark hair, your sexy pink lips
Those things I loved about you
Your curly eyelashes, your aquiline nose
And all those funny faces of yours
Your lovely figure, your pretty smile
All of that make me want you more
Your tender touch, your lusty kiss
Wish I could have them just like before.

But before you leave me, Dear Love,
Will you please wait and touch my broken heart one last time?
I’m patiently holding your slender arms
Begging for the love I once had
But playfully, I gave it away
Like a naive child would leave his friends
When his mother returns from the marketplace
But you, my alluring Village Beauty,
Are much more sweeter than honey
Your endearing gait, your white teeth
These I will forever miss
But your true love is the greatest of all these!

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