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Before We Part…

on April 12, 2012

Here we are at the narrow paths
Sadly, they lead to different destinations
The tears in my heart are too vague to be seen
By the powers of your white comely eyes
Your lush dark hair, your sexy pink lips
Those things I loved about you
Your curly eyelashes, your aquiline nose
And all those funny faces of yours
Your lovely figure, your pretty smile
All of that make me want you more
Your tender touch, your lusty kiss
Wish I could have them just like before.

But before you leave me, Dear Love,
Will you please wait and touch my broken heart one last time?
I’m patiently holding your slender arms
Begging for the love I once had
But playfully, I gave it away
Like a naive child would leave his friends
When his mother returns from the marketplace
But you, my alluring Village Beauty,
Are much more sweeter than honey
Your endearing gait, your white teeth
These I will forever miss
But your true love is the greatest of all these!


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