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Getting the Best Out of Yourself!

You may be sitting down at the nook of your cubicle, reminiscing (just like me), and wondering ‘Am I ever gonna make it at all?’ or just daydreaming about things you will call ‘fantasies’… You are not alone, and a lot of people have been, are still and some will be in your shoes.
But instead of just daydreaming and imagining the things you are meant to have done, you can just TAKE THE STEPS, stop procrastinating and GET UP TO ACT!

To be the best, you have to strive and work at the best of your ability. Discover the things that make you happy and fulfilled such as hobbies and careers, even charity.

The best way to receive is by giving. Learn to give, with no strings attached. Work hard and have fun when necessary. The motto is ‘Work Hard, Pray Hard, Play Hard”

“Anything worth doing is worth doing well”. Whatever (good thing) you find yourself doing, always try to do it VERY WELL.

Eat well, sleep well and exercise your body. Always see a doctor often for medical check-up. Take good care of your body and avoid eating dangerous and hazardous things such as cigarette, excess alcohol and caffeine.

Lastly, put God FIRST in all you do. He’s the Creator of heaven and earth and there is nothing we can do without Him. He wants the best of us and for us. We should always talk to Him in prayers and listen to His words too
Together, we can soar high, forever!

(11th April, 2012)

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